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Q: Is Teeze free to use?

A: Yes, its 100% free; no catch seriously.

Q: Does Teeze track your location?

A: No, the GPS co-ordinates are captured at login or when the user sets their location manually.

Q: Does Teeze post to your facebook?

A: No, Teeze will never post or display anything on your facebook.

Q: What attributes are retrieved from facebook?

A: The following detail is retrieved from facebook at sign up:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date Of Birth
  • Photos
  • Current City

Q: What is the Match Map?

A: The Match Map clusters your locations when you sucessfully matched with someone.

Q: Can you report offensive behaviour?

A: Yes, if you select 'Matches' from the side menu and open the user's profile, there is a report function. You can also report users from the discovery by opening their profile.

Q: How do I block a user?

A: If you select 'Matches' from the side menu, you can unmatch a user by sliding left on that row item. This will remove you from their matches and they will not be able to discover you again.

Q: How do I delete my profile and data?

A: Select 'Settings' and 'Delete Account'. This will delete your account and all historical data such as matches, messages and teazes.

Q: Do you retain my data after I close my account?

A: No.

Q: Do you share my data with any third party?

A: No, we have very strict rules on controlling data. Our rules ensure no one can access your data except you and any special category data is encrypted on our backend.

Q: Do you store my pictures?

A: No, we only store references to your facebook or phone album pictures, not the actual image itself.

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